Artist Statement

Artist Statement

My work explores conversations in nature, moments of rhythm and pause and moments of parallel within the landscape. My practice is a record of time spent in and with nature, observing how the landscape moves and how the elements come together.

Interpreting my surroundings has been a part of my experience since childhood. I’ve always felt a need to record my environment, to explore it. I look to the elements in a landscape to see connections and conversations and in particular around my home in the Northern Rivers, where the landscape is diverse and the connections are fascinating and comforting.

I try to engage with the landscape from different perspectives. I find it intriguing how the same elements evoke different feelings if I am closer or further away from them, looking down from above or up from beneath. An example of this would be standing beneath a canopy of leaves as opposed to holding those leaves in my hands or looking down at them from higher land - each interaction evokes a different feeling.

In my home based studio I collect leaves, rocks and flowers and find the repetitions and parallels among them. I work with paper and watercolour, slowly building layers, moving between intuitive movement to more gestural and deliberate mark making. My work is an instinctive interpretation of my environment.

Bec Duff