Bec Duff is an Australian visual artist and surface designer. Her contemporary watercolour paintings are instinctive interpretations of the story of her surroundings. Recurring explorations of the spatial aspects of the sea, coast, hills and forest, merge with a fascination for repeats and patterns found in nature.
Bec's work forms a visual language through a mix of rhythmic and gestural marks, forms, and line-work amongst translucent washes and colour blends. 
Having studied art and filmmaking at university, Bec has an ingrained view of the world through the camera lens, often painting compositions that she sees in terms of shot sizes and angles. This allows a multidirectional view of her environment and is a constant source of her creativity. 
Bec has worked in surface design since 2012 when she co-founded sustainable textiles and eco-giftware label Kambamboo. Whilst still involved in the business, her focus is on maintaining her daily art practice and working as a full-time artist.
Bec's home-based studio is in Byron Bay on the far north coast of New South Wales where she resides with her husband and their two young children (as well as two very cheeky dogs).